Lectures and Panel Talks

Periodically the Cowles Center will host and partner to provide lectures and panel talks to the public that compliment our performances and other activities in the community. Upcoming events will be listed in our calendar. Past events are listed below and have video (for the most part) so you can revisit or experience the dialogue at any time. 

Minnesota Dance and the Ecstasies of Influences

The Cowles Center for Dance & the Performing Arts’ participatory lecture and panel series, launched in fall 2014, continues with its focus on the artist’s influences as a way to begin unraveling the histories that are part of the Twin Cities dance communities. Parts 1 through 4 documented stories ranging from Contact Improvisation and performance spaces to educational pioneers and works in progress platforms. This season we will discuss the History of Tap in the Twin Cities, performing dances in nature, dance journalism, and remounting important choreography from the past. We invite you to explore these conversations with us.

Dance, Influences, and Archives

As we prepare to hand over the final documents to the Performing Arts Archives (PAA) at the University of Minnesota Libraries, we invite you to contribute your story as well. Join us in a conversation around what has been collected, where these stories take us, and how we can fill in the gaps for the next generation of artists, researchers, and advocates.

Talking Dance: Valda Setterfield and Sage Cowles (Fall 2011)

Join New York-based actor/dancer Valda Setterfield as she shares her history as part of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company in conversation with Sage Cowles. 

A Surprisingly Big Dance Town (Spring 2011)

How did we get here?  What’s our story? Please join your peers from our Surprisingly Big Dance Town for an afternoon for sharing stories of the history of dance in Minnesota.